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With data from over 700 feeds around the world every day,
we can help you identify export opportunities to the public sector.

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We collect, organise and enhance procurement data at scale, helping you power your products and strategies with
in-depth analytics and detailed insights.

Use unique data.

We've been building and improving our datasets since 2007. 
We've gathered, cleansed, enhanced and improved every record. 
Now you can add this unique data to your products

Improve your buying.

Our analysis can help you find the best suppliers, compare pricing and find new savings, while monitoring market efficiencies and identifying new suppliers to increase competition.


Analyse markets and rivals.

Conduct in-depth research into markets, prospects,
competitors and governments like never before
with our industry leading data, research and analysis.

Only pay for the data you use.

We only charge for the data you use, not how you use it. We'll give you a simple monthly fee and you'll be able to use the data however you need, whether that's in a product, or just for your own research.

Pricing starts at £0.03 per document.

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Using Government Procurement  Data for Association Growth
Using Government Procurement  Data for Association Growth
by Fiona Hunt
Trade associations play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective growth among businesses operating within specific industries.
US Gov Breaks Small Biz Procurement Record
US Gov Breaks Small Biz Procurement Record
by Fiona Hunt
The USA's Small Business Administration plays a key role in setting government contracting goals in any given year. Individual government agency scorecards have been developed to ...
Transforming Public Procurement-Part 2 Consultation Open
Transforming Public Procurement-Part 2 Consultation Open
by Fiona Hunt
In June 2023, the UK Government opened the first part of its public consultation on the legislation required to implement the new public procurement regime established by the new ...

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