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About us.

Our story.

Spend Network came into existence when our founder, Ian Makgill, took on a mission to improve the global procurement market valued at £13trillion a year.

He saw that government procurement often has access to valuable data, but frequently fails to use the data to deliver better outcomes for both suppliers and buyers.

Good procurement increases employment opportunities, and helps to create an economy that is more innovative, energy efficient, and socially-inclusive.

While modern statistical analysis techniques have transformed finance, sport and agriculture, procurement has lagged behind other industries.

Seeing the opportunity for governments to gather better data and use it to deliver better services and better value for its citizens, our team set out on a  big goal: to collect every public tender and contract in the world and make it available to everyone.

Our analysis capabilities are best in class. We can  predict poor performance, bad tendering and new savings opportunities. We monitor market efficiency and look for new suppliers to increase competition. We help bring government buyers and suppliers together.

We are proud to collect, manage and analyse data from more than 150 countries to help improve procurement for governments globally.


Our team.

We're an energetic and diverse team working from across Europe to achieve our vision with backgrounds from Art to Consulting to Computer Science.

Ian Makgill Procurement Expert
Ian Makgill
Tom Turngold Customer Director Procurement Expert
Tom Turngold
Customer Director
Alex Giamas
Dora Homoki
Dora Homoki
Tech Team Lead
Fiona Hunt
Fiona Hunt
Marketing Lead
Aparna Lakshmi Nedunooru
Jayakanth Gaddam
Garba Fuad
Anna Pongracz
Vlad Klimov
Ervin Jasz Developer
Ervin Jasz

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