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We use data to help governments and their suppliers to create better deals and to forge lasting partnerships.

Who uses our data

Our team

Vlad Klimov

Vlad is a Python developer with expertise in web scraping and efficient data collection. He excels at using various web scraping tools to extract valuable data from websites. Vlad holds a degree in Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies.

Łukasz Połoń

Łukasz is a Python Software Developer, responsible for writing, improving and maintaining the code. He previously worked in a few places, gathering experience mostly as developer, but also as QA and DevOps. Holds Engineer degree in Chemical Technology, and Masters degree in Software Engineering

Ian Makgill

Ian has over 20 years experience of working in public sector procurement. Launching Spend Network in 2001 and focussing on using data to provide improved insights into the public sector market, Ian has worked with tier one suppliers, small businesses, NGOs and Governments in over 20 different countries.

Fiona Hunt

Fiona manages the marketing, with experience in senior management and marketing roles at Google Aus/NZ and MediaCom UK. She is a consultant CMO, writer and NED for a range of companies. She has a Masters in Marketing and an MA in Screenwriting.

Dora Homoki

Dora is a team leader, responsible for monitoring and managing the ETL processes and improving the data and its overall quality. She has over 5 years experience in the field with skills in SQL and Python, and  holds a  degree in sociology focused on statistics.

Anna Pongracz

Anna is a Junior Python Developer with experience in SQL and Python. At Spend Network, she is responsible for day-to-day research, the spend ETL process and carrying out junior developer tasks. Anna has studied English Literature and Translation at Pazmany Peter Catholic University

Alex Yeung

Alex Yeung is Head of Commercial and Client Servcies, with 12 years experience of managing high impact, strategic research projects in the private and public sectors. Alex holds an MSc from Birkbeck College and a BA in History from King’s College London.

Alex Giamas

Alex is an experienced hands on Technical and Data Architect with over 15 years of experience. A 3 times published author in MongoDB, Alex joined OpenOpps after 6 years of working with the UK government across DBT, HMRC and the Cabinet Office.

Our story

We’re a team with a big goal: to collect every public tender and contract in the world and make it freely and openly available to everyone.

Procurement often has access to valuable data, but frequently fails to use the data to deliver better outcomes, both for suppliers and buyers.

We exist to use data to improve a a market valued at £13trn a year.

Our analysis can predict poor performance, bad tendering and new savings opportunities. We can monitor market efficiency and look for new suppliers to increase competition.

Modern statistical analysis techniques have transformed finance, sport and agriculture; it is time for procurement to catch up, to gather better data and use it to deliver better services and better value for its citizens.




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