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Contracting carbon emissions.

A projection of the CO2 emissions from public contracting using open data.

Understanding emissions from public contracts.

In 2021 Spend Network started looking at how Government can reduce CO2 emissions through procurement.

-> So we set out to generate a CO2 value for every contract in the UK.

-> By using our state of the art machine learning tools, plus a lot of data cleaning we've got there.

-> This is our first attempt to visualise that work and the data needs work.

-> But, we've got a view, data that we can act on and that has to be a good thing.

A note on data quality

Our analysis is conducted using the published data by public sector bodies in the UK. Only a small proportion of this data can be analysed because it lacks features required for an analysis.

We should also add that this covers only the contracts that have been published, based on the volumes of payments made to suppliers that are not listed in Contracts Finder and other sources, there are large numbers of contracts remain unpublished in the UK and therefore the true nature of CO2 emissions cannot be fully understood at the present time.

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