Covid-19 Recovery

Governments spend $bns with suppliers. This money can be used to drive growth, reduce waste and save CO2.

Drive growth

Buyers need to let contracts with the suppliers that will create jobs, drive growth and deliver economic renewal.

Our analysts can help you find the right investments to get you back to growth.

Investigate corruption

Relaxing procurement regulations has created new opportunities for corruption. Governments need to build trust with citizens by exposing and pursuing corruption.

We can analyse millions of records to find anomalies and high risk transactions.

Reduce CO2

Governments need to demonstrate that they can act on CO2 reduction. Procurement is a critical opportunity to reduce emissions.

Our team can help you develop an effective carbon reduction strategy across the public sector.

Understand risk

Governments need to be better prepared for future disruption to critical services. Your suppliers need to be ready too.

Our data analysis can help you identify vulnerabilities in your supply base.

Reduce waste

Post Covid recessions will limit the scope for public investment, each $ of public spend needs to deliver the maximum impact.

Our team can help you build a monitoring service that improves the efficacy of public contracting.

Refocus supply chains

Your economy needs to grow, when you spend public money who’s economy are you growing?

We can help you focus your spending on growth businesses throughout the supply chain.

How can we help?

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