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£13tn procurement market

About Spend Network

Founded in 2007, we’re a team with a big goal: to collect every public tender and contract in the world and make it accessible to everyone. We’re your expert data partner on the £13trn public procurement market.

What makes us unique?

We gather data and enhance the data, ready for analysis.
We work with our customers to improve the data.
We don’t dictate how you should use or reuse data.

Who we help?

Sales and marketing teams

Companies selling into the public sector use our data in their marketing and sales analysis.

Export and trade promoters

Agencies focussed on trade promotion can use our data to identify new business opportunities overseas.

Public procurement agencies

Buyers need clean, high quality data that’s ready to analyze at any moment. Use our platform to build new intelligence tools.

Intelligence platforms

Businesses with market insights and data can enhance their products and find new revenue streams with our data.

Financial services firms

Investors, analysts and underwriters can use our data to better inform their decisions and build better data insights.

ESG analysts

ESG analysts can use our enhanced data to predict carbon emissions, monitor supplier’s performance and build new products.

All the data you need
Daily updates
Enhanced data
Reliable API

One simple fee

Help for intelligence platforms

Our data in your platform
-> Daily feeds of clean data
-> Enhanced data, e.g. categorization
-> A simple, flat, monthly fee
Result: New revenue streams & delighted customers.

Help for ESG analysts

Global data, enhanced every day
-> CO2 emissions estimates for every contract and tender
-> Scope 3 emissions analysis for all organizations
-> Gender equality performance
Result: Unrivaled insight into ESG performance

Data fields we gather

Tender data fields

29 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Contract data fields

26 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Tender data fields

70 fields including:
Buyer organisation
Transaction description
Buyer sector
Accounts payable codes
Value & currency
Service area / department
Supplier & supplier id
VAT paid
Supplier type
Category of spend

Enhanced data fields

24 fields including:
Clean country name
Clean buyer name
Clean address data
Category name
Category code
Procurement type

Document counts – 12 months


N & S America
Multi-country sources





Who uses our data

Data quality

Unlike other providers, we validate and clean every record that we collect. Each record is augmented with publication date, language and source as standard. We can also provide enhanced categorisation, addresses and entity reconciliation.

Data format

We know it isn’t enough to gather the data, it all has to map to a common standard, with each field formatted correctly and each record properly structured. All our data is available in our API in a single JSON format which complies with the Open Contracting Data Standard, an internationally recognised open standard.

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