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Data vendors.

Transform your products and services with our data, and find your competitive edge in the market with our API.

Enhance your offering with unique data.

700 global sources give us unprecedented reach, meaning we can source new business opportunities from your local council right up to the UN.

Data you can build with.

Use our data to build products and generate new revenue streams.

Expand your offering.

Quickly and easily expand your products by providing compelling new business opportunities to your existing customers. Filter on country, region, buyer or category.

No limit daily updates.

A single source that gathers data from 700 sources and updates daily, backed by a turnkey API and no license restrictions.

Enhance your offering.

Our augmentations provide new features for deduplication, location, category and language. Powerful new tools for users just slot right into your product.

Raw-data not dashboards.

We give you the real data, we don't filter it through our own dashboards, so you can use it how you want to enhance your products.

Comprehensive data.

We give you high quality, usable data, updated daily, with reliable enhancements right into the heart of your business.

Unrestricted access means you can use the data to boost sales, improve research and transform procurement.

Tender data fields.

29 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Contract data fields.

26 fields including:
Source and URL
Buyer country
Dates (start, end, release)
Value & currency
Buyer Organisation
Categories (CPV)
Buyer Address

Spend data fields.

70 fields including:
Buyer organisation
Transaction description
Buyer sector
Accounts payable codes
Value & currency
Service area / department
Supplier & supplier id
VAT paid
Supplier type
Category of spend

Data enhancements.

24 fields including:
Clean country name
Clean buyer name
Clean address data
Category name
Category code
Procurement type

How to guides.

We've made guides so you can see how to gather our data yourself, or how to use our data to set up a new revenue stream

Exceptional service.

Great products need great service.

We give you the support and validation your users will need.

Great tech support

Account managers to answer your questions and escalate your requests.

Expert analysts

Advice and guidance on how to make the most of your data.

Consistent sources

Finding, adding and fixing sources is all part of the service.

Daily status updates

Monitoring for our systems, so that you can keep users informed.

Source & meta data

Where every record was sourced, when and how it was processed.

Trusted enhancements

You'll always know when you're using enhanced data and what we did to enhance it.

Use our data to grow your products and generate new revenue.

Case Study: Tender Finding Service

The challenge.

This business helps private sector customers identify public sector tenders they can bid on, and sends alerts and insights to its customers. Its primary value to customers is in providing a comprehensive list of opportunities.

Gathering Public Sector tenders is difficult to do consistently and regularly at scale and so they needed a way to gather as much live tender data as possible in a simple cost effective way, allowing them to focus on their interface and customer services.

Our solution.

Spend Network gave API access to the business and helped them integrate it with their systems so they could provide information on as many opportunities as possible to their subscribers. The Tender Finding Service received the data for an agreed flat monthly fee regardless of how many of their customers used the provided data.

The outcome.

The service continues to use Spend Network's data, receiving regular detailed support to ensure they get the right set of opportunities for their customers every day.


Our latest insights and articles.

We regularly release new articles and blogs using our world leading data. Below are some recent entries relevant for data vendors.

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Why Good Data Matters.
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