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How we price our data.

Predictable, consistent pricing with unique features.

We know that our customers need dependable, consistent pricing that works for their business, so we charge flat, monthly fees based on the average number of documents and sources you will use.

We roll that up and combine it with extra features that you might need like filters, augmented data and support to get to a single, monthly figure.

  • Prices from £0.03 per document.

  • Enhancements for less than £0.01 per document.

  • Select only the data you need.

  • Stable pricing for the duration of your contract.

  • Country, region and language filters.

  • AI categorisation trained on millions of documents.
  • Deduplication as standard.

Pick only the data you need
as often as you need it.

Select the features and content that you need for your business, only pay for the data and features you require. Add support depending on your needs.

Select geography.
Go global, or go local. We can narrow your service according to your geographic needs.
Select frequency.

Choose how frequently you would like to get data, save by reducing the frequency of your updates.

Select filters.
Only interested in certain opportunities? Work with us to filter out what isn’t valuable to you.
Add enhancements.

Select from a menu of enhanced features and fields that we have create to improve the data.

Add historic data.

Our subscribers can buy batches of historic data to take their analysis to the next level

Add support.

Spend Network can be on hand with advice and support for your teams and your customers.

Select geography.

Select the continent, country, region or city that you want data for. We'll work with you to set out the average number of documents and price accordingly.

We automatically label all of our documents with clean country names to ensure consistent labelling, we also enhance data with location and addresses where we can, so that you can drill right down to a specific locality.

Select frequency.

For users of our file service, you can opt to collect data less frequently from us. Whether it is monthly or weekly we can provide the data when you need it in a consistent format.

For all of the insight and control but without paying the full price for that data, less frequent updates are a great way to build your database.

Select filters.

We can give you different content based on specific filters, including document type, procurement category, value or the buyer name.

For instance, you could select only tenders for IT Services that were let by health agencies, or tenders over a certain value with saved attachments.

By cleaning and enhancing the data, you can select only the data you and your customers need.

Add AI enhancements.

Our enhancements give your users greater control and your teams more insight into the market. Using powerful Ai algorithms that have been trained on millions of procurement documents, we have built compelling enhancements to the data we provide.

We allow you to filter data on location, category and language as well as adding features such as deduplication. Adding these features enhances your products and improves the accuracy of your research. 

Add historic data.

If you're launching a product, conducting trend analysis or simply building a database, you may need historic data in order to conduct the analysis you need. 

We can provide batches of historic data for you so that your analysis and products are fully functional from day one.

Support packages

When you need a team to support you and your users we are here to help. Depending on the support you need, a dedicated Customer Success Manager along with our team of analysts, researchers and technical architects are here to make sure that you can answer every question you or your users might have.


Making sure you're up and running and the data is flowing.


  • Included in all our packages

  • Reports on data flows

  • System status information

  • Feeds maintained 

  • New feeds included

  • Monthly CSM Meeting


Ideal for teams that need more communication and prioritised access.


  • All of standard

  • Fortnightly CSM meeting

  • Prioritised requests

  • Roadmap sessions

  • Improved reporting

  • Research previews


For teams that have urgent needs to support their organisations and customers


  • All of Priority

  • Shorter SLAs

  • Highest priority requests

  • Dashboard requests

  • Extended hours

  • Access to our researchers

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