Spend Network plans and pricing.

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Use our site for free.
per month
for 1yr of data from a buyer.
per month
All the data, plus researcher time.
Explore every buyer on the site, know their category spend and their suppliers, see their service spend and filter the data. Get access to real data so that you can conduct your own analysis and import the data into your own systems. Get the answers you need, use our experienced researchers to analyse the data for you, get the insights you need to make better decisions.
All updates free. All data in a common standard. Data plus services.
No restriction on publishers. No per seat licenses. You define the analysis.
View and filter category data. Detailed categorisation. Regular updates available.
  Email support. Phone and email support.
  12 month minimum. 12 month minimum.

Open data users.

Open data publishers and users can access our data for free, provided the data is re-published and we are credited as the data source. Details of our API are described here. Our licence details can be seen here.

Terms: Our privacy policy details how personally identifiable information that is collected on our website is handled. This work, unless otherwise noted, is by Spend Network, our license details can be found here.