Coming soon: Pin sharp analytics and intelligent insight into the largest single market worldwide.

What is it?

We show you how the market functions, is it growing? How is it growing? Who are the primary suppliers? Who are the key buyers?

We look the details too; how long is the procurement cycle? How competitive are the tenders? What are the long-term trends in the market.

Who uses it?

Suppliers to government, who need powerful insights to the market.

Governments, who need to understand their challenges and to improve procurement.

Analysts and investors, who need to track the performance of suppliers in the market.


Public procurement is a complex and difficult to navigate market, our intelligence and analysis give you greater insight than ever before of a vast and growing market.

Powerful intelligence

Meaningful analysis and insights combined with powerful search features means that you can find real answers to real questions in an instant

Comprehensive data

We gather new spending, tenders and contracts every day, so you get all of the latest data all in one place, without having to go anywhere else.

Downloadable data

Raw data downloads directly from our database are available to subscribers. Get the data and raw insights you need to conduct the analysis that you need.