OpenOpps, is the most comprehensive free tender site in the world. 

Who uses it?

Anyone who sells to Government, home or abroad. We provide a fast and effective search for customers who want to trade with Governments.


Tender opportunities are spread over hundreds of sites, making it impossible to scan the whole market. We gather data from all over the world and make it accessible in an instant to everyone.

Huge range of sources

OpenOpps is the largest source of open tenders in the world, where you can find new business opportunities every day for free. OpenOpps gathers data from over 120 countries, providing the most comprehensive listing of open business opportunities in the world.


We gather new opportunities every day, so you get all of the latest opportunities all in one place, without having to go anywhere else. We provide a free global resource that any business can use.


Once you’ve set up your search, we’ll send you a daily email with new opportunities just for you, all for free. So you can search live tenders around the world and then get a daily alert for the most relevant tenders, directly to you.

Our sources

Some of the data sources we gather from