Gaining insight from data

We know that the real value of data is in making it useful to you and your customers. That's why we offer a range of services to help you understand the $13trn global procurement market.
From critical insights into a given market, through to data pipelines, classification and data processing we can support you to get more out of procurement data.

Data processing
The tools, expertise and skills to process, store and publish millions of procurement documents in hours.
By working with our team, we can shape and process your data to meet your needs and improve your analysis.

We combine the largest database of open tenders and contracts in the world, with state of the art classifiers and machine learning tools.
This gives us the ability to readily analyse the changes and trends within the $13trn global procurement market.

Analysis for the $13trn market

If you need authoritative, evidence-based insight to apply to a broader strategic challenge, we’re here to help. Unlike other consultants, we start with the largest database of procurement data in the world and combine that with deep analytical insights and expert knowledge of public contracting, not just in the UK...

Classify your data

We have built a state-of-the-art algorithm just to categorise procurement data. Work with us to categorise millions of records with stunning accuracy automatically. Classify any document type, including spending and contract data; Classify multiple languages in a single process; Real time classification for new data from multiple sources and; use...

Clean and enrich your data

Cleanse all of the supplier records within your organisation, creating a single, consolidated record with rich information to help you make better buying decisions. Match your suppliers to a single, company record; show other buyers who trade with your suppliers and; enrich your data with addresses, identifiers, company structures and...

Visualise your data

Harness the power of procurement data to make informed decisions. Using our advanced analytics, we can create custom visualisations and dashboards for your team. Whether you’re building new insights for your own campaign or wanting to understand the nuts and bolts of your own procurement data, we can help you...


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