Whatever you want to achieve using public contracting data, our friendly, expert team is here to help you.

Categorise your data

We have built a state-of-the-art algorithm just to categorise procurement data. Work with us to categorise millions of records with over 90% accuracy in dozens of languages.

  • Classify any document, including spending and contract data
  • Real time classification for new data from multiple sources
  • Use common standards like CPV or build custom classifications

Clean and enrich your data

Cleanse all of the supplier records within your organisation, creating a single, consolidated record with rich information to help you make better buying decisions.

  • Match your suppliers to a single, company record
  • Show other buyers who trade with your suppliers
  • Enrich your data with addresses, identifiers, company structures and more.

Visualise your data

Harness the power of procurement data to make informed decisions. Using our advanced analytics, we can create custom visualisations and dashboards for your team.

Research and advisory

If you need authoritative, evidence-based insight to apply to a broader strategic challenge, we’re here to help. Unlike other consultants, we combine deep analytical insights with expert knowledge of public contracting, not just in the UK but globally.

  • Analyse competitive dynamics or contracting trends in a particular market or vertical sector, or take a detailed look at the activities of a particular supplier
  • Trusted by the UK government, and governments worldwide, to advise on best practices in procurement and transparency
  • Create high-quality reports for publication

Our qualifications

With over 12 years’ experience of gathering complex, high volume procurement and tender data, combined with policy analysis, we’ve proven that we know how to collate and manage data, turning the raw data into information required by our clients. We have experience of using machine learning and artificial intelligence to mine large scale datasets for our client’s benefit.

How we work

You’ll find that we are easy to work with, respectful of your requirements and that we understand what is needed to create actionable analysis and to establish robust metrics for future work.