We are an award-winning enterprise that creates robust analysis and insightful reporting.

Our team has gathered and published hundreds of millions of data records from public data sources making them accessible to our customers in both government and business.

Our qualifications

With over 12 years’ experience of gathering complex, high volume procurement and tender data, combined with policy analysis, we’ve proven that we know how to collate and manage data, turning the raw data into information required by our clients. We have experience of using machine learning and artificial intelligence to mine large scale datasets for our client’s benefit.

How we work

You’ll find that we are easy to work with, respectful of your requirements and that we understand what is needed to create actionable analysis and to establish robust metrics for future work.

How can we help?

Your data is safe with us. We don’t share it with others and we won’t spam you. We need your details to respond to your query, so that’s what we’ll do. We don’t take a query as tacit permission to send you unsolicited mails.