Our analysis can show you how to transform your data and your business, making you more efficient and effective.


We can help you use spend and contracting data to improve competition in your tenders, monitor your contracts better and to deliver better services from suppliers. If you’re looking for savings, we can show you how to source more efficiently and how to keep costs down once you’re in contract.​

Counter fraud

The UK Government identified £191m of fraud in 2016/17, an increase of 45% over the previous year (link). We can help you set up a comprehensive anti-fraud service for procurement and finance, from suspicious payments, through to corrupt contracting and supplier cartels, we can help you prevent loss and deliver savings. 

Economic development

For public sector buyers, spending locally can help develop your economy and improve employment in your region. We can help you identify opportunities for growth in your region, where your best local suppliers are and where other public bodies are spending in your region.​

How can we help?

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