Data Services

We can help you build a powerful pipeline of perfect data, ready to be analysed and interpreted.

Data aggregation

We can help you build up a consistent, high quality, up-to-date flow of data into your analysis packages. Give your teams the ability to make informed decisions, from planning procurements, to delivering savings insights, we can change how you spend money for the better.

Data cleansing

Too much data that isn’t ready for analysis? We can help you cleanse and link your data so that it is ready for analysis. Whether that’s making sure that all your data is free of errors, or cleaning up your service names, we can do it so that you can have data that provides you with the insights you need.

Data enhancement

Making sense of data often means improving or augmenting data to make it more useful. We use state of the art deep learning algorithms to improve your data. From publishing detailed categorisation, through to powerful search and tagging, we can help make your data shine.​

How can we help?

Your data is safe with us. We don’t share it with others and we won’t spam you. We need your details to respond to your query, so that’s what we’ll do. We don’t take a query as tacit permission to send you unsolicited mails.